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Yoga is cancelled. We hope to return in May.

About Me

Lorraine Oakley
I came to Yoga looking for a more calming form of exercise that would improve my health as I was getting a lot of bronchitis.  As soon as I started practising Yoga I felt the benefits, it was like my insides were being cleansed and my muscles were releasing. My body slowly became more flexible and my health improved dramatically. I haven’t had bronchitis since and rarely even get a cold now but if I do I can fight it off within a couple of days. I realised the link between stress and illness was great and it has set me on a path to remove stress from my life whilst still living a full and energetic life. I now have a passion to pass on what I am learning to others.

As my practice continued I investigated many styles, each bringing their own benefits.  I have combined this experience with my knowledge of Energy Healing to produce a lesson that offers a strengthening of the body that is also healing and calming. I meditate regularly and so my sessions are finished with a guided relaxation to assimilate all the benefits of the practice and to calm the mind.  My students are always saying how they sleep well after Yoga.

I qualified to teach Yoga through the
Chi Yoga School.

My teacher training was a varied and interesting course with inspirational teachers which covered fully the physical and spiritual side of Yoga. It is accredited by the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance.

I enjoy attending workshops and can pass knowledge learnt on to my students. I have studied with many Yoga teachers including Danny Paradise, David Keil, Prem Carlisle, Liz Lark, Phillip Xerri, John Friend and David Swenson.
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